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Información de Appeon con respecto a PowerBuilder

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016



Remito una información de Appeon acerca del apoyo a los desarrolladores PowerBuilder:



Dear PowerBuilder Developer,


Filiberto SOSA has joined a special FREE program designed excsulivey for Indepedent Consultants and suggested you register for this benefit as well.  


If you are an indepedent consultant or contractor, you may be entitled to the following benefits depending on your qualification: 

  • Featured in the official PB consultant directory 
  • Free versions or copies of PowerBuilder
  • Free technical support for PowerBuilder
  • Free passes to the Appeon Elevate conference
  • Early-access to new releases or private betas

If any of these benefits interest you, please spend just a few minutes to apply as an indepdent consultant. If you don't already have an Appeon.com user account you will need to register for one first - this is required in an effort to minimize erroneous submissions.


Best regards,

Appeon Marketing Team


www.appeon.com - The New Home of PowerBuilder!






A la espera de tus comentarios me despido.




Rubén Pillaca
Founder & CEO

SAP PowerBuilder Certified


Calle Las Camelias 877 Of.201
San Isidro - Lima Peru

Móvil: (511) 988-271779
RPM: #054692
Telf.: (511)6280914 y (511)6280915


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